Andrzej Wajda’s “The Birch Wood” – remastered version premiere

“The Birch Wood” (1970) as never seen before: the special event of the 8th Two Riversides Film and Art Festival in Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec nad Wisłą is the premiere of Andrzej Wajda’s film in a new, digital version.

The grand screening will take place on the 3rd of August, and it will host the film’s authors, including Andrzej Wajda. “The Birch Wood” owes its new film life to the patronage of, PKO Bank Polski. It is also the first film reconstructed as part of the KinoRP Project together with TVP S.A.

“The Birch Wood” is the first part of the “Iwaszkiewicz triptych.” An excellent film adaptation setting a new, existential path in the director’s creative work: instead of another piece on the fate of Poland, it is an intimate, universal story taking place beyond History. Eros and Thanatos, Iwaszkiewicz and Malczewski, the inevitability of man’s fate and the beauty of nature, as masterfully captured by Zygmunt Samosiuk.

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