Two Riversides grand finale

The eighth edition of the festival draws to a close. During the closing gala there will be a premiere screening of “Human Capital.”

It was “Human Capital,” and not “The Great Beauty,” that ended up as the grand winner of this year’s David di Donatello awards (the Italian counterpart of the Academy Awards). Awarded with seven prizes, Paolo Virzi’s film will be screened during the Festival’s closing gala. The film is an excellent mixture of thriller and film noir, telling the story of two parties involved in a car accident. “Human Capital” will be having its premiere at Two Riversides.

Faith is dead. Hope is dead. Joy is dead. Only one boy starts questioning what he has been taught. The protagonist of “Days of Gray” doesn’t want to become a hunter, one like his father, and decides to finish with killing people. The film by Ani Simon-Kennedy will be screened for the first time in Poland at Two Riversides.

The film portrait of Jacek Kaczmarski is another film to see on Saturday. As part of the “Music – my love” section we will be paying homage to the outstanding poet and songwriter. After the screening of the documentary “Bard” we will hold a meeting with its director, Katarzyna Kościelak.

When a passionate diver suffers stroke-induced paralysis, his world shifts 180 degrees. He is kept alive by his beloved partner and the dream to someday dive deep underwater again. At Two Riversides you will not only have the chance to see the documentary “Deep Love,” but also talk with its director, Jan Matuszyński.

“The Wind Rises,” “Bella and Sebastian,” and “The Captive” – this is what Monolith Films offers at this year’s Two Riversides. The Kazimierz audience will have the opportunity to see these film long before their theatrical releases.

Where else outside of film can acting skills come in handy? “Heavy Mental,” the feature-length debut of Sebastian Buttny, is an intimate story of an unemployed actor who accepts the task to seduce a certain girl. After the screening, the film’s director will personally meet with the Kazimierz audience.

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