Jan Troell – special guest at the Two Riversides festival

Author, poet, and realist – Jan Troell is one of Sweden’s most prominent directors, alongside Bo Winderberg and Ingmar Bergman. The filmmaker accepted our invitation to this year’s Two Riversides.

Two Riversides will feature the screening of Jan Troell’s feature-length debut “Here’s Your Life.” It was while working on that project that he met Max von Sydow, with whom he went on to co-operate seven more times. We will have the opportunity to see the fruit of their joint efforts at the screening of “Hamsun,” where Troell cast von Sydow as the titular controversial Nobel prize-winner from Norway. “Il Capitano” is another testament to the director’s courage; it is a cinematic reconstruction of a triple homicide that shook the Swedish public eye in 1999.

As part of the retrospective we will also see “Land of Dreams,” a 3-hour documentary on modern Sweden. Even though it is a production committed to an entire society, it is where Troell himself is most visible. Statements from Rollo May, American philosopher and psychologist, are complemented with personal comments by Troell, who scolds his compatriots for a lack of involvement in social and state issues.

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